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hi life lessons
chris from skins
people keep asking me for advice, here is some of the advice i have had to give:

1. don't fuck a dude you actually like until he calls you his girlfriend in front of his boyzzzz. most of the time, doing so leads to a dude just peacing out. any time a dude tries to pressure you into having sex, kick his ass out of your bed or get the fuck out of his.

2. love is kind of like a bus. it never comes when you want it to the most. like when its two degrees out and you look every other second to see if it's making its way down your street. it comes on days when you're not about to be late to the job that you fucking despise and you just so happen to mosey on over to the bus stop at just the right time.

i also learned that it is really hard to give advice when your head is crowded with such nihilistic thoughts, like mine has been lately.


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