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chris from skins
okay wow so i only really ever go on here to check comms so just go to these places if you for some reason want to talk to me but who am i kidding no one reads this anyway


i need to get active on live journal again
chris from skins
but i dont really know anyone on here anymore :/

i really only use this for communities and stuff i guess. oh well. ill try to post more.

chris from skins
second attempt at a coffee date went better than the first.
the first time went kind of like
him - so how old are you?
me - 16.
him - ....welll we can still be pals.

its not like my facebook has my full birthday or said i was in high school and its not like he asked me out via facebook or anything. yeah. life was awkward in high school. he was 23, for the record. dating 23 year olds is not as glamorous as you'd think.

i think i still like getting drunk and fucking better, though. you really get to know some one that way, as long as you don't black out. i never black out. well, no, but if i black out i'm throwing up and not making friends. yeah. life is still awkward in college.

whatever, he was cute, but i'm pretty sure he thinks that i'm weird so i'm going to preemptively start listening to the smiths. although he did walk me home and he kissed me outside of my dorm. that was pretty cute. he's pretty cute, like without even trying i think. eh.

the view from the 15th floor
chris from skins
we are in andrews room and i want to spend the next six days here because i will miss chandler and andrew entirely to much whenever i go home for christmas.
my friends here are every facet of my personality projected and thats why we get along so swimmingly i think.
we've all gone through so much and although we may be shitty we are loyal to each other.
slowly we are building bonds and i really, honestly, truly hope that they last for ever.

and i will call chandler and andrew every day over break.

Life, motherfuckaz
chris from skins
Hi. I haven't updated in ages. Important things have happened.

I go to Columbia College Chicago. I turned eighteen. I live in the heart of the South Loop and I fucking love it.
I made friends in my dorm and I get sad when I go a day without seeing them. I'm procrastinating on writing a paper right now. I don't think I'll sleep tonight.
I like a boy. Maybe. I really want to watch Hercules.

cant sleep
chris from skins
go lurk my shit.

yeaaah. so whats new? nothing.
i started hula hooping. i am okay at it, i will get better with practice.

carry on - a life less plauged
chris from skins
listening to this album for like the third time today.
god i love it.

i should probably be edge.

would it be lame to get a "i'm crying for a life less plauged" tattoo?
i need opinions.

as far as music goes, i've loved few albums and quickly and as much as this one. the ones that come to mind are
the smiths - the smiths
brand new - your favorite weapon
bright eyes - fevers and mirrors
massive attack - mezzanine
taking back sunday - tell all your friends

its so good.

clearly not megan fox material here.
chris from skins
people need to stop calling me sexy. i say thanks, but only to be polite. i'm not sexy. i have big dorky glasses, a big dorky grin and i still play n64. i eat like a garbage disposal and my movements are angular and awkward. i can't dance, my hair's always messy, i run into things and trip a lot. i give high fives at inappropriate times. i'm to excited and zealous about everything. i have asthma and i'm allergic to the entire world basically. i love candy and ugly sweaters and things meant for children. if i was an animal i'd probably be a giraffe.

so i mean, i'm happy and awesome, but i'm not sexy. thanks, though.

if only
chris from skins
if only you can see the expression of
shock joy jealous amazement and many other emotions on my face
if only you could know what caused it.

i am so flabbergasted right now
(and i was gonna end that statement with "it's not even funny" but it is funny. its hilarious.)

i love lurking! if only i could major in being a creeper. =D

hi life lessons
chris from skins
people keep asking me for advice, here is some of the advice i have had to give:

1. don't fuck a dude you actually like until he calls you his girlfriend in front of his boyzzzz. most of the time, doing so leads to a dude just peacing out. any time a dude tries to pressure you into having sex, kick his ass out of your bed or get the fuck out of his.

2. love is kind of like a bus. it never comes when you want it to the most. like when its two degrees out and you look every other second to see if it's making its way down your street. it comes on days when you're not about to be late to the job that you fucking despise and you just so happen to mosey on over to the bus stop at just the right time.

i also learned that it is really hard to give advice when your head is crowded with such nihilistic thoughts, like mine has been lately.


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