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clearly not megan fox material here.
chris from skins
people need to stop calling me sexy. i say thanks, but only to be polite. i'm not sexy. i have big dorky glasses, a big dorky grin and i still play n64. i eat like a garbage disposal and my movements are angular and awkward. i can't dance, my hair's always messy, i run into things and trip a lot. i give high fives at inappropriate times. i'm to excited and zealous about everything. i have asthma and i'm allergic to the entire world basically. i love candy and ugly sweaters and things meant for children. if i was an animal i'd probably be a giraffe.

so i mean, i'm happy and awesome, but i'm not sexy. thanks, though.

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people say the same shit to me and im like dude i have thick glasses, im awkward as hell and im 20-25 lbs overweight. like, no im really not sexy at all.

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