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chris from skins
second attempt at a coffee date went better than the first.
the first time went kind of like
him - so how old are you?
me - 16.
him - ....welll we can still be pals.

its not like my facebook has my full birthday or said i was in high school and its not like he asked me out via facebook or anything. yeah. life was awkward in high school. he was 23, for the record. dating 23 year olds is not as glamorous as you'd think.

i think i still like getting drunk and fucking better, though. you really get to know some one that way, as long as you don't black out. i never black out. well, no, but if i black out i'm throwing up and not making friends. yeah. life is still awkward in college.

whatever, he was cute, but i'm pretty sure he thinks that i'm weird so i'm going to preemptively start listening to the smiths. although he did walk me home and he kissed me outside of my dorm. that was pretty cute. he's pretty cute, like without even trying i think. eh.


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