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hi guys

1. told my IS to send my transcripts to the schools i applied too (loyola, depaul, columbiachicago, pitt, point park) so lets hope she does that soon.
2. i fucking hate my job, but my coworkers are the best.
3. dan tomkins punched the shit out of me and i now have some gnarly bruises. to bad my phones off, or else i'd show you guys. but seriously, they're gnaaaarly, all sorts of funky colors and huuuge and they've been around for almost a week now and they are still intense. keith punched dan for it. mike said he's going to. we were just play fighting, but they said boys should never hit a girl hard enough to leave bruises this bad, that should be reserved only for your foes. im glad my coworkers protect me.
4. being a girl is expensive, today i bought $40 worth of shit to make my skin less shitty. i dont even have fucking acne, just super dry skin everywhere.
5. i like my hair curly, but its hard to manage.
6. still boy crazy.

okay bye now

i hate to admit that i loooove this song
chris from skins
i'm talking about errrrybody gettin crunk, crunk
boys tryin to touch my junk, junk
gonna smack him if he's gettin too drunk, drunk

chris from skins
a usa was fun.
i'm not gonna update this much more sooooo yeah. im just keeping it for communities and stuff.

if you wanna know my life head onover to http://sharklake.blogspot.com/

chris from skins
1. colllegeeeee. columbia college chicago is first choice. temple, boston u and eugene lang are in the seccond tier. point park and pitt are the third tier (they are good schools and all i just wanna get the hell out of pittsburgh). maybe i will apply to other schools in chicago as well. i honestly have never felt more at home than when i'm there.

2. missing dawn of the rave in an effort to be responsible. dont know what i'm gonna do with myself while lilly and tena are up in rochester. sad i'm missing gobs the zombie, who added me on facebook today, which was exciting because i didnt think he would remember me. i think most rave kiddies just know me as the girl who's with tena and lilly. but anyway. this weekend is dawn of the rave and jupiter and i'm going to neither. ive only been to one planetary so far, lameness.

3. anime usa is next weekend. it is gonna be a whole lot of fun. i dont even know what to cosplay, ill probably just bring togepi and pikaa. i might make a serious business cosplay for ohayo, aisha from outlaw star, because we are both brown skinned ladiez.

4. i think it's weird how i can't seem to develop a crush on anyone, it is certainly not normal for a girl of my age. i want a boyfriend, but no one is appealing. i can't even figure out what i want in a boyfriend. i dont know. i guess it would be a silly time to try and start a relationship anyway, since im trying to peaceout to chicago asap.

5. i have a blog where i write silly little things now as opposed to this one where i talk about my life, check it - http://sharklake.blogspot.com/ really i just wanted a blogger cus idk they seem COOL.

6. tell me what you think of me

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today i went to olive garden
today i went to the doctor
today i applied to point park, pitt and temple.
today i still have swine flu i think.
overall, though, today was a good day.

(no subject)
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la la la
i have been for the most part happy since last i updated.
i have made many new friends, some of which are even my own age! which is strange for me...

how have YOU been? =]

chris from skins
Okay, basically, I'm indecisive as fuck and the feeling that if I make the wrong decision I could miss out on something awesome plagues me constantly.

Here is the new and improved college list, that I have spent literally all day slaving over.

Colleges I Want to Apply To
Hunter College
DePaul University
Eugene Lang College
Temple University
Rodger Williams University

Colleges I Know I Should Probably Apply To But I Don't Know if I Will Because I Want to Get Away
University of Pittsburgh
Point Park University
Penn State

Colleges I am Having Trouble Deciding On
Cornell Univeristy - why its a maybe: the whole block class thing is cool and weird at the same time and Iowa, really?
University of Chicago - why its a maybe: lets be honest, my grades are NOT good enough, like not nearly, but I have wanted to go here since 9th grade

I've been toying with the idea of the University of Michigan, but I think its going to be a no on that, all it really has going for it is a good anthropology department so I hear. I think I'm just going to be strong and say NO.

If you guys have any colleges to suggest for me to check out, please do so.

Colleges I am Thinking of Applying To
chris from skins
Temple University
Columbia College Chicago
DePaul Univeristy
University of Michigan
Eugene Lang College
University of South Carolina
Penn State
One or Two of the CUNY schools, not sure which.

I'm not sure about University of Pittsburgh or University of Chicago. I feel like they're really hard to get into, and I'm not sure if I have the grades.

Discuss this with me, older and wiser people on my friendslist. Suggest other schools to me, tell me about these schools, idk I don't have a real guidance counselor to talk to about this stuff, so I'm making you all my guidance counselors.

Keep in mind though that I obviously want to get the fuck out of Pittsburgh and stay somewhat close to a city.

why does everyone suck so much?
chris from skins

1. Stop doing drugs/drinking just to get completely destroyed. If your goal is to black out, you're doing it wrong. If you can't be at least somewhat responsible about it, just fucking stop. Getting fucked up everyday is lame. Go and play some fucking minigolf or go to a museum or see a movie or just fucking do something.

2. Stop judging people on who they once slept with. For one thing it's not any of your business. Also, as long as they didn't get an STD, it doesn't even matter. Don't use the term "leftovers" when talking about someone. People have names.

3. If you're gonna yell at a girl for talking to another boy, you better not be fucking other girls. Either you're both exclusive or neither of you are.

4. If you don't like someone, don't pretend to like them to their face. Either like someone, or don't like someone. A quote to live by "And no mater what you don’t like about me, no matter what you can say about me, you’ll never be able to say that I’ve stabbed someone in the back. I mean, I’ll stab a motherfucker in the face, but not in the back. You dig?"

5. If you're a shitty person, be open about your shittiness. Sometimes people will be down with it.

6. Read a fucking book.

stuff about me!
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Here is an organize list of stuff I've done since the last time I updated:

1. Saw Girltalk. LOL. I got wasted, lost all my friends and spent his entire set crying in the corner, LITERALLY. Hahah, but it wasn't all that bad really.

2. Chicago was good times. Mostly me and Kate just walked around. We went shopping also, that was fun. Leads me to...

3. LOLLAPALOOZA! Oh my gosh it was so fun. I saw DJ Mel, Dark Wave Disco, the Virgins, The Decememberists, Kings of Leon, Rise Against, Animal Collective, Tool (WTF LOL), Dan Deacon, Vampire Weekend, The Cold War Kids and MSTRKRFT. Animal Collective was so fucking amazingg!

5. Me and Kate started a band. We are called Glen Tennis Dundes. We keep it real.


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